Editing Services for Your Manuscript

Editing Services for Your Manuscript

We provide with hand-picked external suppliers that give editing services to authors. Because these services could also be employed by authors to boost the language of their manuscripts before submission, or throughout the review method.

Language editing:

Our production method includes copy-editing wherever major typographic errors and magnificence adherence are checked. Therefore for additional intensive language editing we offer existing and potential authors language editing support through a partnership with specialist supplier edit. Because our authors can receive a tenth discount on every of the edit manuscript editing services choices.

Our Language editing Services:

We work with to supply editors’ language and scientific editing services through their peer-to-peer platform. While connects authors with qualified subject-matter specialists who can guarantee their work adheres to the best tutorial standards. Ascertain additional on the web site.


Editors play a key role in our community. Because they maintain the standard of printed analysis, enhance a journal’s impact, and  also contribute to the advancement of the broader scientific community. So this section offers steering and resources to help our Editors within the fulfillment of their duties.

You will realize info regarding the Editorial Boards and editorial method for every one of our journals on our journal pages.

We’re excited to be able to supply services and we’ve committed to transportation you extra author services. While visit the new portal for additional info or to submit your 1st request.

We have partnered with to deliver author services to our authors

It’s been an exciting time. Not solely are they partnering with us, however, they’ve additionally joined the Digital Science family. Browse the announcement at the Digital Science News journal for additional info.

Although our author services are fastidiously hand-picked to assist you to turn out the most effective attainable version of your manuscript, we’ve got to emphasize that victimization them doesn’t guarantee that your manuscript is accepted for publication. While we have a tendency to hold all manuscripts to the best tutorial standards, and everyone accepted manuscripts are subject to the full referee.

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Disclaimer: Services provided here are only for Novelty, Education and Entertainment purposes only.