How to Produce A Helpful Lock Screen for Your iPhone

How to produce a helpful Lock Screen for Your iPhone

If you’re in AN accident and unconscious, the primary factor first responders can conceive to do (aside from saving your life) contacts your relatives. But if you’re mistreatment AN iPhone with the passcode enabled, there’s no method for them to tug the ICE data from your contact list.

What is ICE?

ICE could be a program that began within the mid-2000s that inspired people to spot next of kin on their phone’s contact list by listing them as ICE (In case of emergency) ought to there be AN emergency and medical data is needed.

Back to make a helpful lock screen on the iPhone. Since the iPhone doesn’t afford information fields to seem on the Lock screen there’s a big tip that may allow you to show necessary data like ICE whereas your phone is fastened. the strategy delineated below-involving Notes and taking screenshots on your iPhone. If you have got any comments or queries, please post them within the comments section at the tip of the guide.

Software/Hardware used: iPhone four running iOS 4.2.

Create the Lock Screen Image

iPhone help ICE lock screen 01

  1. Faucet to open Notes on your iPhone.

iPhone help ICE lock screen 02

  1. Faucet the (+) image to feature a produces a replacement note.

iPhone help ICE lock screen 03

  1. Enter the ICE data and the other information you would like to show like a reward for came to iPhone…etc. faucet Done to save lots of and to look at the note while not the on-screen keyboard.

Note: this is often a good method of getting into your contact data and provide a gift if your iPhone is lost and came to you.

  1. Note you simply created ought to get on the screen. Press the mouse button and therefore the Lock button on your iPhone at the same time to require a screenshot of the screen. The screenshot is saved within the Camera Roll.

Follow the directions on a way to change the Lock Screen on the iPhone and certify to vary the Lock Screen of the screenshot you created within the previous step.

iPhone help ICE lock screen fifteen

When you are done, you must have a lock screen that resembles the one pictured higher than. This is often one technique of making a Lock Screen with Notes, however, you’ll produce your own custom Lock screen on your laptop employing a photograph writing an application or on your iPhone with an app that allows you to enter text or edit photos.

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