Peek into the world largest banks

Peek into the world’s largest banks

World largest banks: Financial matters are very critical. You ought to be extra careful while dealing with financial matters. All the documents pertaining to the accounting and finances are to be kept with caution. You should have complete awareness about your account and your expenditures so that you can have some money saved for rainy days. There are many banks in the world that has taken the responsibility of keeping the money of the nation safe and to deal with all matters related to it. Let’s peek into the world’s largest banks that rule the world.

1. Industrial & Commercial Bank of China

This is the largest bank in the world when measured by assets. It has $3.62 trillion in total assets. The bank’s revenues come in at $134.8 billion. Measured by revenues, this is the fourth largest bank in the world. have Though this is a commercial bank, it is state-owned. The bank provides loans, financing for businesses, credit cards, as well as money management for high-net-worth individuals and companies. The bank also offers money market vehicles, investing opportunities and exchange and transfer services

2. China Construction Bank Corp.

This is the second Chinese bank on our top 10 list. It offers corporate banking, which deals with credit, company e-banking, credit lines and commercial loans. The personal banking segment offers personal loans, credit cards, deposits and wealth management for individual investors. The bank also operates a Treasury sector that deals with money markets, debt securities, and currencies. The China Construction Bank has assets of $2.94 trillion.

3. Agricultural Bank of China

This Beijing bank has branches across China, plus London, Tokyo, New York and Sydney, Australia. Not only is it the third-largest bank on our list, but it is also one of the 10 largest companies in the world. Agricultural Bank of China is state-owned. The bank deals with small farmers and large agricultural wholesale companies. It also works with non-agricultural companies. Its largest growth segment is mid-sized companies. The bank has assets of $2.82 trillion.

4. Bank of China

The Bank of China offers investment banking, insurance, and the world. services. It also provides personal loans, credit card services, debit cards, mortgages, asset and liability management and insurance. Assets total $2.63 trillion. In April of 2017, the bank sold bonds denominated in four currencies. The sale took place on one day and resulted in $3 billion in capital for the bank. In its latest profit report, the Bank of China reported a 3.7% drop.
Through and through, China is ruling but still, it is a debate that whether USA rules over or China but China is expanding its horizon.
Stay tuned to know more about the banks and bank statements.

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